Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haven - It takes a village to hide a secret.

   Hey there folks! It turns out I don't have that much free time even now, but it's still better (I'm posting now right?) than university. Anyways I am not going to bore you today haha. It is Review Time!
     Haven is a very interesting show, from SyFy channel, who in my experience do pretty good sci-fi (hard to guess right what shows they make right?) TV shows. Haven I think its in their top-notch series. It is a show, which you don't know what to expect. The story is just awesome, it's mysterious and really grabs you right from the start. Well, in the base of everything is a small town called Haven. But it's not just any ordinary town (duh...), it's actually anything but what you would call normall and ordinary. At given periods (called "the Troubles") everyone gain some special abilities/power/curse, bare with me, this has nothing to do with spiderman, superman or any of the other mans. At most of the times the people are not aware of their powers, or the powers just manifest themselves singlehandedly. In Haven everyone has their own problems, their deep secrets (but not like who slept with who).
   A bit about the characters (I am trying to keep the reviews as much spoiler-free as possible). We have the FBI agent Audrey Parker, who comes in Haven's first episode on a assignment to solve a murder of a ex-com. Meanwhile, she finds a photo of a woman that looks remarkably like her, so she concludes it should be her mother, who she has never seen. From there she decides to stay in the small town, and with time she comes to realise it's not the ordinary small town. She gets to know Nathan Wuornos who is a police officer, and also a "troubled" person. Together they help out all kind of (troubled) people, and try to get some answers. As it is said though, some answers raise more questions than they answered. Mystery after mystery, lots of weird, interesting, different, opposing, etc. characters. Side stories that unite, really good stuff.
   To sum up, if I have to describe Haven with one word (and excuse me for the vulgarity) it will be mindfuck! You think you know what is going on, you are almost guessing what will happen and then suddenly, the show suprises you in every possible way. If you are at least a bit into fantasy, this is a must, even if you are not, the sci-fi part doesn't at all ruin any of the other action, it's not Star Wars haha! Also if you liked Warehouse 13 or Eureka (again by Sy-Fy) there is a good chance you will like this as well. Lol this review became larger than i thought, I am stopping here, I hope I helped someone with this. Peace guys, I'm out.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

End of university!

   At last, free time haha! It's celebration time! Hours at university ended (at least until first term's exams). I will have to look for a job, but still I will have a lot more free time, so expect new reviews soon. I have a ton of work to do for the exams, but hey, they are in december - a loot of time until then, lol. And some sleep! Damn, for 20+ days I haven't slept over 5 hours, from no coffee, I started drinking at least 3 cups a day. Meh, the bad thing is the weather is starting get colder (fall and whatnot) which is sad, I like poorly dressed girls!
   Anyways, I think the next review will be on Haven, the new season just ended in a mindfuck way, left me with mouth wide open. Until then, peace I'm out.